Shopping in Alicante City - where you really can Shop 'til you Drop

ExplanadaShopping in Alicante is a leisurely affair. With opening hours stretching into the early evening, you can even combine the activity with a night out! And for those poor souls that are dragged along to carry the bags, well you'll be pleased to know there are many cafés and bars along the way where you can while away some time whilst waiting for your family or partner to run out of money!

Alicante Shops

So what can Alicante offer? The full spectrum of the shopping experience is the quick answer! You can search out those specialist shops offering local handicrafts, scour the art and crafts markets which are scattered about the city, or, for the really serious shoppers, designer shops, department stores and, joy upon joy, more shoe shops than you could shake a shoe horn at. Why, there is even a shop completely dedicated to carnivals!

Whether you're buying for yourself, and we all need a treat now and then, or for family and friends Alicante City really is a shopper's paradise.

A Guided Shopping Trip around Alicante City
The Rambla de Méndez Núñez is the traditional shopping area of the city, it's a vibrant street to meander down that offers you a good choice of shops as well as a slice of Alicante life...

Recommended Buys
Jewellers, Leather goods, local markets and crafts, follow our advice and you can unearth some real bargains.

Top of the Shops
Spotlight's top shops for ultimate shopping pleasure.

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